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Systemic Organisation Constellation Line-up Method (OCL)

What is Systemic Organisations- and Team Constellation Line-up Method ?

It is a method to get a clear and simple image of complex systems like a team or company constellation. It makes it possible to uncover and solve hidden levels of problems.

In opposite to NLP or similar techniques, it solves coherences in the system, not only with single persons.  This concept is holistic in a new dimension and is able to help your company to achieve success in line with your employees and co-workers.


What for ?

In my work as project leader it became obvious to me, that the occuring problems are not mainly based on technical issues or a lack of wisdom. Very often,  human enmeshments or misunderstandings are the cause. E.g. the relationship between our company and the suppliers are desturbed or important ressources are caught in battles between several departments.

Or the company culture is disturbed and creates frustration and anger that prevents from necessary innovations or productivity. This line of examples can be expanded infinitely.

The human factor is the key to success or failure. In times, where manufacturing processes were already reworked so often to reduce cost by 1 per mill, we need to work on the really relevant factors for success. OCL is a method to do that in line with your employees.


How Does It Work?

It’s a surprisingly simple technique with just as astounding depth and efficiency.

The consultant discusses the case / problem and what the aim of the client is.

Then persons will be chosen to represent the team members and all that is needed for the solution. These representatives will be placed in the room. The position of the representatives in relation to each other reflects the situation that causes the problem.

When the persons are placed, the dynamic begins and the people start to feel and “think” in the way, the situation specifies.


The consultant analyses the situation also by talking to the representatives and creates a solution by clarifying, moving positions and other methods in the pictured system.

Due to the OCL method

  • problems, situations, the background and solution become clear
  • the persons that the representatives stood for get a new attitude that can be experienced in the realisation of the solution in the „real life“.


Aim of the OCL is, to bring harmony into the system (between team members, leaders, suppliers, customers, ...) that makes an effective and motivating collaboration possible. Also, the organisation will be arranged to follow a clear vision / aim. If both can be reached, there will be a natural motivation and capability that secures the corporately success.


Where Does It Come From?

It is known to be used in companies for about 4 to 6 years and an advancement of the systemic family lineup therapy, developed by Bert Hellinger. It was introduced in Germany about 25 years ago and is practised by about 2000 coaches worldwide. For OCL, there are still only a few consultants.

Like most modern methods (e.g. NLP or working with the unconscious mind), OCL was created out of shamanic traditions (mostly the Hawaiian Huna shamans). This time, the wave does not come from USA but started in Germany. Bert Hellingers work spreads all over the world now, also many companies worked with it (e.g. Siemens).

Despite the success, OCL is still unknown to many people.


What problems can be solved with OCL?

Basicly, all problems and situations that are related to persons, teams and the relationship between them can be considered. As it showed up in practice, even non-personal factors like a country or a product can be included in OCL.

Here are some possible issues for OCL:

¨       Why does our company not go above a certain limit of success?

¨       How is the restructuring to be done in the best way?

¨       How is the company arranged related to the customer? What can be improved?

¨       How do our or potential customers see our company and products?

¨       Why do my employees not follow my instructions?

¨       What supplier is the best for my needs? Is the supplier reliable?

¨       My products at least as good as that of our competitors.  Why are we less successful?

¨       Solution of individual role playing that come from our childhood (Sometimes we play the same role game in our business life).

¨      Is my team targeted to clear directives, visions, aims? What has to be changed?

¨      Why don’t I find a competent employee for a certain position?




Evult OCL and Coaching

OCL is one of the best methods to improve the team and company situation. Like other systemic consultants, I extended the original method of Bert Hellinger by modern methods of mental coaching.

Evult offers open workshops as well as coaching in copmpany internal workgroups. Additionally, I offer individual coaching for single persons.

On top of the OCL technique, Evult offers Six Sigma consulting that is usable for organisational as well as for technical problems. Both methods joined result in a powerfull change concept.

Since 2004 I offer Systemic Coaching meetings and workshops .

About Evult

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Books (in German, some are also available in English):

„Aufstellen von Arbeitsbeziehungen in Wirtschaftsunternehmen – Ergebnisse und Erfahrungen empirischer Untersuchungen.“ in: „Berufliche Beziehungswelten“, Franz Ruppert, 2001, ISBN 3-89670-191-6; „Systemdynamische Organisationsberatung“, Klaus Grocowiak / Joachim Castella, ISBN 3-89670-232-7; Die Ordnungen des Erfolgs. Einführung in die Organisationsaufstellung, Kristine Erb, ISBN 3466305551


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